Our Team

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Co-Founder, Operations Director

Maxine is a deep lover of celebration, red wine, and tiny humans. She finds life in pursuing the beautiful and connecting with others. Maxine fell in love with event planning when she was a little girl proudly titled "Mommy's Assistant." Maxine oversees operations and is our in house graphic designer and calligrapher. If she is not hosting dinner parties, then you can probably find her painting or binge watching Madam Secretary. 

Go to Wine: Malbec

Favorite Flower: Dinner Plate Dahlia 

Guilty Pleasure: Sidecar doughnuts, scented candles, and year-round Christmas music!



Co-Founder, Creative Director

Monica has a serious obsession with design and décor.  She is an extreme planner and jumps at every opportunity to put her creative skills to the test.  When she’s not dreaming up the design of an event you can find her at the beach, trying every food known to man and checking something new off her bucket list.   

Go to Wine: Rosé

Favorite Flower: Ranunculus

Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching Friends, ice cream, and online shopping!



Office Manager, Content Curator

Beth is an LA native - yep, she's vegan and loves a cold pressed greens juice. She's also a hard-core people person, and loves working with others to achieve their goals. When she's not working, she's probably cooking or trying to create the next great vegan recipe at her home, which is filled with her two staples: plants & lots of red wine.

Go to Wine: Beaujolais

Favorite Flower: King Protea

Guilty Pleasure: Madewell, watching Gilmore Girls for the 500th time, and becoming a member of too many wine clubs!



Planner, North East Director

Jessica loves helping people especially when it comes to organization. There’s nothing quite as satisfying to her as a timeline for an event, organized closet, or simply a made bed. Coming from a background of data analytics, creativity is a MUST to balance out her brain. You can probably find her trying out a new board game with friends and family or stopping to pet a dog on the sidewalk. Jessica lives in Manhattan with her husband where they often host game nights and make the tastiest charcuterie boards.

Go to Wine: Lambrusco

Favorite Flower: Peonies (any color, any kind—can't beat those big beauties)

Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream every night


Production Assistant

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