full service Planning

Our full service planning package ensures an experienced wedding professional will be alongside you every step of the way. Planning creates the firm foundation an event needs in order to run smoothly. We will be your vendor curator, budget supervisor, fee negotiator, etiquette advisor, family dynamics mediator, stationery proofreader, cake tasting attendant (our favorite!), personal stylist, favor packager, and more often than not, your listening ear and personal counselor. We’ll support you and advocate for you as we guide the entire planning process and then oversee the wedding day from set up to tear down.


Month of Coordination is the perfect solution for couples who prefer to do most of the planning themselves but want to hire a professional to assist them in tying up any loose ends to guarantee a seamless event. We will manage all vendor coordination the month before the wedding as well as create a detailed timeline for said vendors to work with. 

day of coordination

Day of Coordination is for the couple who fully intends to plan their own wedding, but would like a professional to execute all of their hard work the day of. We will provide you with a day of schedule and ensure your big day goes off without a hitch.