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Chicken Wire Fence Galvanized Steel 82'x3.9' Silver

Chicken Wire Fence Galvanized Steel 82'x3.9' Silver

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The wire netting is not only ideal to fence, to protect trees and plants, but also perfect for the construction of aviaries, rabbit and chicken cages. It is ideal to use for poultry confinement, and poultry houses protection. It allows you to fence small areas for livestock quickly and flexibly.

Made of sturdy galvanized steel, this net is resistant to water and bad weather and is harmless to the earth, animals and plants. Our wire fencing is easy to use and can be bent or cut to form into any desired shape.

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Overall size: 82' x 3.9' (L x H)
  • Mesh length: 1.4"
  • Roll diameter: 3.9"
  • Wire thickness: 0.1"
  • Features hexagonal meshes
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