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Octagonal Party Tent Cream 19.7'x14.4'x11.5'

Octagonal Party Tent Cream 19.7'x14.4'x11.5'

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Do not let your party get ruined by bad weather. With this party tent you can be sure of a dry and sheltered place to enjoy a drink or two. This octagonal party tent measures 19.7' x 14.4'. The 8 different side panels which can be placed separately and measure 7.4' x 7.4'. The tent is 11.5' high. The roof is made of water repellent polyester (0.9 oz/ft²), the side panels are also made of polyester (0.5 oz/ft²). The canvas is secured to a sturdy steel frame. To get a 100% watertight tent, we advise to spray the tent with a water-resistant spray.

NOTE: This product should NEVER be used under bad weather, such as strong wind, heavy rain, snow, storm, etc.

  • Dimensions: 19.7' x 14.4' x 11.5'
  • Eave height/scroll height (where people can walk under): 6.4'
  • Color: white (creme)
  • Frame: steel
  • Material canvas: polyester (0.9 oz/ft²)
  • Material side panels: polyester (0.5 oz/ft²)
  • Dimensions side panels: 7.4' x 7.4'
  • Tube diameters: 1.3", 1.4" and 1.5"
  • Fabric: Polyester: 100%
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