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Roller blind Blackout 39.4"x68.9" Black

Roller blind Blackout 39.4"x68.9" Black

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Blackout roller blinds are a perfect solution for 100% light reduction. This makes them the ideal choice for blocking incoming light in any room in your home or office. Perfect for the bedroom!

The back of the blind is coated with a thermoplastic silver colored layer. This layer not only completely blocks incoming light, its thermal qualities also keeps your room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Thanks to the included mounting accessories, these blinds are easy to install and operate. Either install the blind on wall or ceiling with the included screws and wall plugs or hang the blind from a window ledge. The pull chain can be mounted either on the left or on the right side.

Please note that the size given is the size of the fabric. The width of the top rail including the mounting accessories will be 1.2" wider than the width of the blind.

Delivery includes 1 x 39.4" PVC plastic bottom rail, 1 x 39.4" Top aluminum rail, 100% polyester blind with silver colored reflective backside coating, 2 x bracket, 2 x pothook, 1 x plastic ball chain, 4 x screw and 4 x wall plug.

WARNING: Young children can be strangled by loops in pull cords, chains, tapes and inner cords that operate the product. To avoid strangulation and entanglement, keep cords out of the reach of young children. Cords may become wrapped around a child's neck. Move beds, cots and furniture away from window covering cords. Do not tie cords together. Make sure cords do not twist and create a loop.

  • Chain Color: white
  • Blind Color: Black
  • Blind Size: 39.4" x 68.9" (W x H)
  • Chain Length: 70.9"
  • Fabric Material: 100% polyester
  • Metal Shaft Diameter: 0.7"

  • Fabric: Polyester: 100%
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